Brand We Deal


Double Open Ended Spanner
Deep Offset Ring End Spanner
Combination Spanner
Adjustable Spanner
Combination Reversible Ratcheting Spanner
Open Ended Slogging Spannner
Ring Ended Slogging Spanner
Off Set Ring Spanner
Double Open Ended Spanner Set
Combination Spanner Set

Screw Drivers

Off Set Ring Spanner Set
Cushion Grip Philip Screw Driver
Cushion Grip Torx
Multibit Screw Driver Set
2 In 1 Screw Drivers
Cushion Grip Standard
Normal Grip Philip Screw Driver
Normal Grip Slotted Screw Drivers

Allen Key

Cushion Grip Set
Hex And Torx Key Set
Metric Ball Ended Allen Key Long
T Handle Allen Key Set
2 Way T Handle Allend Key
Hex Allen Key Set
Hex Allen Key Set Ring
Imperial Ball End Allen Key
Metric Long Hex Key

Sockets / Handles

Socket 3/8”
12 Point Deep Socket with 1/2" Sq Drive
1/2" Sq Torx bit
1/2" Hex Bit Sockets
1/2" torx Bit Sockets
T Handles
L Handles
Sliding Tee
Speeder Handles
Swivel Handles


Long Nose Pliers
Circlip Pliers
Line Man Pliers
Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Plastic Nipper
Long Nose Plier
Wire Stripper
Pipe Wrench
Water Pump Plier
Joint Groove Pliers
Combination Pliers
Minature Pliers


Fast Relase C Clamp Locking
C Clamp
Bar Clamp - heavy Duty
Bar Clamp Mini
F Clamp
Jaw Puller


Pipe Cutter
Tubing Cutter
Retractable Utility Knife
Snap On Knife
Quick Point Knife
Knife Blades
Wrap Cutter
Tin Snip
Wire Stripper
Bolt Cutter
Cable Cutter


Claw Hammer
Nail Hammer
Ball Pein Hammer
Soft Face Hammer
Cast Hammer
Rubber Mallet Hammer
Sledge Hammer

Tool Box And Cabinet

Roller Cabinet
Metal Tool Box
Plastic Tool Box
Nylon Tool Bags
Tool Apron
Tool Pouch


Machinist File
Square File
Hand File
Round File
Half Round File
Flat Wood File

Other Tools

Pop Rivet Gun
Soldering Iron
Glue Gun
Staple Gun
Torque Wrenches
Bench Vise
Pipe Vice
Chalk Lines
Wooden Chisel
Bottle Jack
Centre Punch
Suction Cup Lifters